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We have relocated to Birmingham, AL

We have moved to Birmingham, AL. Except for our Postal mail address our contact information is the same. Since most of our activities are through the internet we don’t anticipate any interruptions. Along with the move we’ve installed a new look to our website and upgraded our on-line apps for our project teams.

GPS and satellite telemetry drifters

Gary took time out to collaborate with Brett Web and Sam Russ of the University of South Alabama on their drifter buoys for a Gulf of Mexico current study. Tracking a large group of drifter buoys is one of the best ways to measure the Lagrangian distribution of currents in the coastal zone. Brett’s buoy uses GPS for location and simplex satellite communication for real-time data reporting. Find out more and view some early results at Brett’s web site.

Real-time wave gage RTU software developed for Corps

Civil Tek developed custom embedded software for the Coastal and Hydraulics Laboratory, ERDC, Corps of Engineers. CHL deployed Civil Tek’s directional wave gages for over 10 years. So long, in fact, that the shore boxes Remote Transmission Units (RTU) needed replacement. The code allows the new ARM/Linux based RTUs to acquire and transfer data from the wave gages without changes to the instruments or the Corps’ central data management system.